January 2016

Tim Sweeney

1. DJ Koze tracks seemed to do pretty well in Hamburg. Betreff: tim sweeney // 19.09.2013 //pudel // reminiszenz des grauen

Letzten Donnerstag hat der der New Yorker DJ und Radioproduzent TIM SWEENEY im Pudel gezeigt, dass Schnäpse zwar Schnäpse, aber Parties nicht gleich Parties sind. Was der 31jährige aus den Boxen entließ war das, was wir uns so oft wünschen und so selten bekommen, wenn wir zu elektronischer Musik tanzen gehen. Fünf oder Sechs Stunden am Stück wurden Internationale Klassiker in Hamburger Szenehits verwebt und über viele, tolles Ungehörtes wieder zurück, sodass die Menschen eben nicht ins Stampfen gerieten sondern sich immer wieder anders bewegen mussten um weiterzutanzen. Wie macht der das bloß? Warum ist der Typ so gut? Und was hat er überhaupt gemacht? Wir trafen TIM SWEENEY auf der Reeperbahn und fragten ihn, wie er es schafft, seit 1999 keine einzige seiner BEATS IN SPACE-Ausgabe ausfallen zu lassen. Abgesehen davon, dass es schon erstaunlich ist 14 Jahre pausenlos eine wöchentlichen Radiosendung mit einer solchen Reputation zu produzieren, legt der smarte New Yorker nämlich ständig allovertheworld auf. Naja, darum ist die Sendung ja am Dienstagabend, sagt er grinsend, denn dann könne er nach dem DJing am Wochenende pünktlich zur Livesendung in New York sein – aufgezeichnet wurde die Sendung bisher nur im „Notfall“, etwa wenn Sweeney in Australien gebucht war. Zudem gab es ein nettes Interview im Nachhinein per E-Mail. Hier im O-Ton

Hey Donald*! Sorry for the delay. Got crazy once I got back to NYC this week. Thank you for sending those photos. They look great. I really appreciate that.

What did you buy at smallville?

I got a Smallville tote bag, the Lawrence LP, the Steven Tang LP, the new Redshape 12", the Ata Tak 12" and a couple other records I can’t remember off the top of my head.

What do you think about the golden pudel club, would you play there again?

Golden Pudel Club was great! It reminded me of some of the dirty punk clubs we have in New York. Especially this one called Lit in the East Village that I used to DJ at about 10 years ago. (LIT IS A NON SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT anm d. V.)

How would you describe the crowd?

It was definitely a mix of different types of people but everybody seemed to be open minded about the music. I could really play whatever I wanted. I had heard there was a wizard who usually comes and I didn’t seem him this time though, so I was a little disappointed about that.

Were they easy to get, or was it hard to make them move?

People wanted to dance! Which song was getting the biggest response? DJ Koze tracks seemed to do pretty well in Hamburg.

Do you think there is a difference between the hamburg and berlin audience and the rest of the world?

Every city has its own little scenes and differences from other cities. I liked that Hamburg seemed to be really open minded compared to a lot of other places and you could tell there was a strong indie rock culture there too.

Sorry, shame on me i forget it, what will be the next release on beats in space? The 10th release was Crystal & S. Koshi “Break The Dawn” EP which came out two weeks ago. The next release will be The Dukes Of Chutney at the end of October.

Will there be a new edit release from you in the future like the “Stop Sitting Around / Get Me A Doctor” release?

It’s possible!

Most important point: Can you tell us your “favorite” song, or 2-3 songs from the set to play them, as your selection in the radio show? In addition to that it would be great if you can tell us why you choose these songs, we are fans of small anecdote.

There was one white label 12" that Thomas Becker from Pudel gave me that I think was my favorite to play that night. The record doesn’t have any info on it, but Thomas just said it was by friends of his who “got drunk and wanted to make a preacher man style house record”. I think my other favorite record at the moment is this unreleased edit of Sagat “Fuk Dat” by this japanese group called Dazzle Drums. It’s a record I can’t play on the radio show because of the lyrics saying “fuck” but I love playing at the club. It’s a classic New York club record, which Dazzle Drum have updated now that 20 years have passed since it was released. People love singing along to this one. It’s just fun to say “Fuck that!” ***

*Name von der Redaktion geändert.